BF3-trailer tar oss tillbaka till Karkand

Det finns väl egentligen en sak att säga här: Battlefield 3 är ett jäkligt bra spel som bara kommer att göras bättre när det fått tillskott av multiplayerhistoriens kanske bästa banor. Efter att ha sett videon nedan kan inte vintern och ett eventuellt släppa komma ännu snabbare.


  1. Star skriver:

    When I was just a wee whippersnapper I’d play Dune II on my dad’s lapotp whenever he brought it home form work. Dune II was the first game that I can remember that really captured my attention and then refused to let go. I always had a hard time when I had to save my game and quit in the middle of a battle to take care of pesky details like homework and eating. Some of Dune II’s later missions could take hours to complete, and the pacing of the game meant that the battle typically peaked somewhere around the middle of the scenario rather than a climax toward the end. In most missions the goal was to completely destroy the enemy base or bases. This meant that you would inevitably reach a point where you had already won the mission, but were still left with the task of dismantling your enemy’s structures, which could often be a lengthy process. I typically found the last quarter of every mission to be a bit tedious, but it always left me wanting more and I would eagerly start the next mission if I had time.


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